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ABN Amro North America, Inc.

We hired Justin Milan to perform at our corporate holiday party.  My employees and I were all very impressed with his performance.  I never realized how entertaining and exciting a ventriloquism performance could be.  We all appreciated this new twist Justin provided with his entertainment.

Not only did Justin present humorous jokes on current events and issues, he did an excellent job of incorporating inside jokes of my company into his routine.  Prior to the party, I briefly updated Justin on a few quirks of individuals of our company.  His creation of jokes on this material left a mark on the audience.

My staff and I were pleasantly pleased with Justin's unique form of entertainment.  We have a feeling that he is on his way to the top.  After the routine, Justin took time to interact with my employees. His field of work is so interesting.  This time was just plain fun as Justin revealed his bright personality.



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