Corporate Comedian to Entertain in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Image of Corporate Comedian Justin Milan

Justin Milan, Corporate Comedian, will be coming entertaining in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a corporate event

Corporate Comedian Justin Milan will be bringing his comedy sidekicks to the great state of Iowa to entertain at a corporate event.

It’s for a private company that is having their annual meeting in Cedar Rapids (apparently, it’s in different cities throughout the Midwest each year), which is about an hour and a half drive from Des Moines, IA, the capital and most populous city of Iowa.

Justin Milan will be traveling from Southern California (Los Angeles) to perform the comedy show. Interestingly, Justin visited beautiful Northwest Iowa every summer growing up because his dad was originally from the area (a farm near Rock Valley, Iowa, nearest major city is Souix Falls, South Dakota). In fact, his dad owned farmland in Iowa until recently (he wasn’t a farmer by trade, and Justin grew up in the Pacific Northwest – between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), which he rented out to a childhood friend because it is known as some of the most fertile soil in the United States of America.

Justin Milan got his start as a Corporate Comic at the young age of 15. He’d always been fascinated with stand-up comedy, with a special appreciation for clean comedy that doesn’t offend. He naturally didn’t move his lips when he spoke, and when classmates in high school pointed this out to him, he started to realize he might be able to do ventriloquism.

At a New Year’s party, a Ventriloquist entertained and the light went on for the young comedian Justin Milan and he said, “I realized I could naturally do ventriloquism!”

Upon looking in to the cost of a ventriloquist dummy, and realizing that he’d need to scrape together anywhere between $600 and $3,000 to get a high quality one (this is back in 1994, mind you), he set out to carve his own – out of a block of wood.

Image of Corporate Comedian Souix Falls South Dakota

Justin Milan entertaining at a corporate event. His family visited Northwest Iowa, very close to Souix Falls, SD, every other summer growing up.

After six months of hard work and his friends being more convinced each day something was wrong with him because he kept turning down requests to hang out because he said he was busy “carving my dummy,” he had his first like comedy sidekick – Luigi. Still an integral part of the show today. (There is some tension because Luigi has been demoted to “opener,” and thinks he should be entitled to the headliner comedian position for the mere fact that he’s been with the comedy show the longest. Justin Milan doesn’t agree.

Image of Corporate Comedian Iowa

Justin Milan, pictured with one of his comedy sidekicks, will be entertaining in Iowa.

“It’ll be a lot of fun to entertain this group in such a great part of the country – Iowa,” says Milan. “There will be a lot of farmers in the audience, and I’ve found farmers to be very nice, fun people to be around.”

If you would like to book their corporate comedy show, please get in touch today!

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