Corporate Comedy Show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Getting everyone laughing in the beautiful Iowa city of Cedar Rapids. I was brought in by Renk Seed, a Wisconsin-based company that was having their annual conference at the Marriott Cedar Rapids.

The audience was great. Largely comprised of farmers from nine different states.

I did corporate comedy that got them laughing, and also ventriloquism, including singing. Whenever my puppets start singing, peoples’ smart phones come out so they can show their friends.

I guess people are blown away that puppets / dummies can sing…

One thing that goes over very well with a corporate event audience is when you tie in humor about individuals in the crowd – especially if they’re well known, well liked, and appreciate sense of humor about things that happen in everyday life.

Image of Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Corporate comedians are somewhat hard to come by because most comics use off-color humor, or profanity. My act is completely clean and suitable for the corporate environment.

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