What’s the Difference Between Corporate Comedian and Regular Stand-up?

Image of Corporate Comedian Idaho

Corporate Comedian, Justin Milan, performs throughout the country. Whether it’s Boise, Idaho or Tallahassee, Florida, he’s committed to having people buckle over with laughter.

A very popular form of entertainment for corporate events is hiring a “corporate comedian.” Being a corporate comic myself, I thought I could share a bit about what makes my comedy ideal for this setting:

First of all, it’s clean. Turn on Comedy Central at an given moment and there may be a comedian spouting off about a politically divisive topic that polarize your corporate audience if they were performing at your event.

Either that, or it may be what would be considered as “blue,” “bathroom humor” that would not go over well in a professional setting.

As a meeting planner, you want the assurance that any comments made on stage are not going to create a huge human resources crisis first thing the next Monday morning.

Image of Corporate Comedian Audience Participation

Justin Milan with an audience participant.

I test my jokes out in front of a live, typically non-paying audience (except in some comedy club situations where I sneak them into the act to “test the waters,” so to speak) before making it to the stage at a corporate event.

Also, a very popular thing to do in my corporate comedy act is to bring audience members – people who are a part of your association or organization – on to stage with me. The audience lights up with laughter because their delighted to see their colleague in the limelight.

With this audience involvement comes a huge stewardship for a corporate comedian like myself. Sometimes the audience participant has had a couple of alcoholic drinks, so they might not “edit” their comments well to make sure they’re appropriate for the setting. That’s where I come in… As the comedian/moderator, I’m able to divert the audience’s attention to something else or steer the conversation elsewhere and keep it on track with something that’s potentially wholesome and uplifting, instead of gravitating toward the lowest common denominator.

Image of Corporate Comedian MissouriThere are other comedians who have kept their show clean, such as Jim Gaffigan, Jerry Seinfeld and Brian Regan.

It’s a lot of fun to do clean comedy, and to see people buckle over with laughter at some of the things that are being said.

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