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Corporate Comedian Justin making an audience laugh.

I used to be based in Seattle, and then branched out and had plans to move to NYC because that seems to be the capital of what we could call “live entertainment.” In fact, it was when I lived in Seattle (Kirkland, which is right near Bellevue, WA), that I got invited by The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS to be a part of the:

Toyota Comedy Festival

Letterman’s audience warm up comic who also books the comedy talent for the TV show invited me to come to New York because someone told him, “you need to have this comedian (& ventriloquist) on The Late Show!

It didn’t work with my schedule to go out there, but I did go to the Big Apple on other occasions.

I had plans to move there after graduating from undergraduate college in Chicago, Illinois, but moved to Seattle, Washington instead. I was doing corporate comedy events in Chicago during college, and was planning on hitting the comedy clubs hard when I moved to New York, New York.

Although I lived in the State of Washington after Wheaton College, I did visit New York City. In fact, I had plans to go to Manhattan right after September 11, 2001. My flight got cancelled because of the terrorist attacks, but I still traveled there as soon as possible.

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Justin performing corporate event entertainment with an audience member on stage.

I still remember the comedy emcee at Gotham Comedy Club finding out that no one in the audience was from out of town except me. People were actually shocked that I had traveled all the way from Seattle.

Ground Zero was still blocked off, and there was strong toxins in the air even several blocks away. It was kind of surreal being there at the time.

Anyway, I am now based in the Los Angeles and Orange County area of Southern California. I do corporate shows throughout North America. It’s a lot of fun to interact with audiences. I find out as much information about each audience before the show so I can tie in local humor or comedy specific to that corporation and keep people laughing.

Stand-up comedy is fun and I find it is helpful to have a lot of comedy and jokes in my arsenal. Something that works well with one audience might not be as big of a hit with another, so it is nice to switch it up depending on what is going over well with the audience so I can “hit it out of the park” for the corporate event entertainment meeting planner.

I have references, and can be contacted by visiting corporatekeynote.com/contact-comedian/

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