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You Too Can Be Independently Wealthy!

IMG_1227I can teach you how to get super rich with very little or no work.*

It has to do with taking advantage of others.

Please send me your life savings and I’ll share all the secrets.

* Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee positive results, but can guarantee you’ll be much worse off after talking to us.

Learn How You Can Make LOADS of Money by Taking Advantage of Others

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I teach you in three easy steps how to take advantage of others to deepen your pocketbook.

By following these three easy steps, YOU TOO can be an instant multi-millionaire!

Image of Comedian with Lamborghini

With just three SIMPLE, EASY credit card payments of $11,000, you can be making money like I do in no time flat.

$33,000 may sound like a lot of money.  But this course is basically FREE if you put that TINY investment of $33 Grand up next to the amount of money you’ll be making!  It’s all relative.

EXTRA BONUS: (ACT NOW)  For a limited time, we are willing to bill three different credit cards – AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

* Note: None of the above stated may be factual.

** Note: Justin does not have a Lamborghini.  In fact, he doesn’t even know who’s car this is.  He saw the car, and being the lame tourist that he is, he took a picture with it!   In fact, that is one of the three easy steps – take a picture in front of someone else’s house or car. It builds instant credibility!

Failure Is Not An Option…

meme-funny-motivational-imageThere’s nothing I get a kick out of more than spoofing something that’s common knowledge in our society.

Hence, the reworking of the motivational saying “Failure is not an option.”

Let’s be honest, most of us hope it’s an option.

We’d all like to rest on our laurels, be a complete failure, and still enjoy the fruits of success.

Fact is, as much as it sounds good, it will not bring us fulfillment in the end. We need to discover what special gifts and talents we’ve been endowed with, and develop those for all they’re worth!

When you do this, you’ll never look back. You’ll have more fulfillment in your career, relationships, volunteer work, etc. than you ever thought possible!

Please feel free to share the above Meme by right-clicking it and uploading it to any anti-social* media platform.

* We say “Anti-Social” because, let’s be honest… You’re not being “social” when you’re dialed into Instagram, Facebook, etc. That is the epitome of anti-social! 😉